Kulsum Parvez
Hair and Make Up Artist

I am an Indian entrepreneur in the Make-up and the Makeover world. A make-up artist is a person, whose medium is the human body, applying makeup for dramatic, television, film, fashion, magazines and other related productions including all fragments of the modeling industry.

I began her career in the aviation industry, worked as an Air Hostess and grew as In-Flight Instructor. She had a remarkable attraction towards the make-up and the makeover world that gave her that stride to move on and pursue career.

What is unique about me is that, I not only master the above industry but also contribute to the common womans appearances during an incredible and auspicious occasion such as their weddings. Born in Germany, I am an Indian National. I decided to make a difference in the aesthetic appearance of people to bring about a revolution in the common womens life making their wedding an even more special unforgettable event. Kulsum has passion towards the aesthetic industry and wishes to contribute to all strata of women rather drawing boundaries to her credential and restricting to just the modeling world.

I am extremely creative and imaginative by nature, in complementary, exhibits excellent communications skills and people management skills. I have always excelled by performing under great stress and pressure. I am bold, beautiful, full of energy, synergy, and stamina, have a great control over my emotions.
I am completely focused and have great attention to detail, which forms an integral part of the job which drives success and perfection to my stride. I also have keen interest in historical and current fashions, which keeps aspiration of soaring high in my work.

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