Preetam Bose Photography

I am fascinated by creation. My creations are backed by hard work, resourcefulness, love, superb presentation skills and all this translate into usability in the real world. What works for some does not for everyone else, thus it is my constant endeavor to offer highly customized solutions for every challenge at hand. It is with diligence that everything gets made and with precision that everything gets delivered. I aim to make things that work, irrespective of what the environment. I believe, life does not make me. I make the best of what is on offer.

Photography began as a pastime when I coaxed my dad into getting me a P&S, early in my college days. This soon blossomed into something more enriching, as I learnt the ropes, albeit slowly. Encouragement came in the form of winning an inter-collegiate photography contest, which saw entries from 30 colleges, all over Bangalore.

While pursuing my MBA, I got my first D-SLR, a trusty friend which still serves me very well. I have been a Canon purist for ages, and will continue to do so. My trusty Canon has been instrumental in seeing and capturing a diverse range of subjects, but my personal favorites are portraits and wedding shots.

Since then, I have come some way. Now I shoot a 7D with a Canon 24-70L and for my kind of photography, suffices well. However the 450D which I used to have still loves me and I love him back for all those times when we have spent the tough times together.

I sincerely believe that, while manuals, tutorials and resources are all well and good, the only way you can ever really improve in photography is when you click. Nothing has the charm of a chilly winter night and getting a 700 second exposure. That said, I love to find out the shiny beacons of hope in everyday prosaic objects and this keeps me going. Happy clicking everyone!

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