Wedding Bellz

My story is simple. i love what i do and i do what i love. i Believe photography found me and not the other way round. clicking pictures is what i find joy and excitement in. i am able to see through a lens that may be a lot of times a eye or the mind misses. i have seen people transform before a lens. their attitudes change when there is a camera around. I love shooting people as it helps me to connect with them . i love to tell their story. it can be of lovers or children, of friends or even enemies. each story is unique and i like to be a part of that story!!!
Weddingbellz is an offshoot of Sharmilla Photography , providing complete wedding candid photography and Cinematography services.The beauty , hullabaloo and colours of a wedding day, the anxiety and anticipations of the couple about to tie the knot, gives me a great opportunity to observe people. These moments of great joy and high expectations and drama lends itself beautifully to a photographer , whose skills are tested . And when we come out with flying colours with beautiful images of a day , its a story of a lifetime , each love story unique and magical in its own way.Let me be a part of your day and i will have the fortune of gift wrapping a beautiful day for you to unwrap, relish and re live through my photo saga!!!

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