The Memory Keeper

It is often the toughest thing to do - write about oneself in a limited number of characters. I am an artist, a photographer and I have taken some amazing shots in several trying conditions. So, I'm upto this challenge again to write something about myself, which also complements my work. But, hey isn't it my work which is the reason you are looking at my profile? Probably not. I believe a photograph comes out best when the people in it feel comfortable with the photographer. And that is why, I wouldn't let my work alone speak for myself. I am creative and like to construct my shoots with active involvement of my clients. Every requirement being unique, brings about some uniqueness in my approach. When I am shooting, I am not just clicking good pictures, I am a part of the story that is unfolding, and I transform myself into a storyteller capturing pictures that have a tale behind it. If you have seen and understood my work, you would know. Shortlist my profile and I would be happy to tell you more about how I can take pictures of you or your special event and present the story around it.

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