Supriya Shahs Photography

I specialize in photographing Weddings, Maternity & Kids. My style is a mixture of candid & posed. I typically focus on capturing candid moments and emotions that are found aplenty at events & ceremonies - be it weddings or any other celebrations. I am at my best when let loose to mingle with the crowd. When it comes to maternity, it amazes me how one will never look more alive than when they are pregnant. The hormonal changes to the body will make hair thicker, glow on the skin, and more than anything, many people sharing that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. So, I think its only natural for me to love shooting maternity pictures. How can I shoot the bump and not shoot those beautiful babies? Within weeks a new baby transforms several times over and I can preserve that with the pictures I take, so you always get to see the wonders of those first weeks. And as kids get to the milestones of 1st year or 2nd year, its the messed up cake on the table and on their faces that matter. And I can shoot it all to help you keep memories!!

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